Chemical substance management at Kumamoto University

Chemical substance management regulations and chemical substance handling requirements

Unlike industry, universities use a wide variety of chemicals in small quantities. Therefore, chemicals must be appropriately handled while considering potential hazards related to their storage, usage, and disposal.
At Kumamoto University in March 2009, we established the Kumamoto University Chemical Substance Management Regulations and the Kumamoto University Chemical Substance Handling Requirements to promote the proper management of chemical substances at our university.


At Kumamoto University, chemical substance management briefing sessions are held for leaders in charge of chemical substance management at the beginning of the academic year.

Chemical substance management system


Chemical substance management activity plan

Priority items Business plan Environment and Safety Center
Chemical substance management ①Holding Chemical Substances Management Technical Committee meetings
②Identify Chemical Substance Handling Group
③Dissemination of rules on chemical substance management
④Inventory and interview survey by YAKUMO
⑤Conduct chemical risk assessment
⑥Preparation of a list of evaluations of the status of management of hazardous and toxic materials
⑦Implementation of working environment measurement
⑧Implementation of work records
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