Proper disposal of waste

廃棄物の適正処理 The Environmental Safety Center is an organization designed to properly dispose of waste generated from experiments and other activities, such as experimental waste liquids.
We have set up a separate page for contents related to the proper disposal of waste. Please refer to that page.

Editing of environmental reports

環境報告書の編集 Kumamoto University is designated as a "specified business operator" in the "Law Concerning the Promotion of Environmentally Friendly Business Activities by Specified Business Operators, etc. through the Promotion of Provision of Environmental Information, etc.: Law for the Promotion of Environmental Consideration" and publishes information on the University's environmental considerations every year.
The Environmental Safety Center edits the Environmental Report in cooperation with the Facilities and Environment Committee.
For more information about the Environmental Report, please see the separate page. Please refer to that page.

(End) Implementation Guidelines for Setting Targets, etc. for Environmental Management Activities

The PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle is often used in environmental management. The Environmental Safety Center proposed how to set the P (Plan) in this case.
It has now been taken over by the Environmental Management WG in the Facilities and Environment Committee.

(End) Environmental audit

Environmental audits for environmental management have been implemented since 2011. Initially, the Environmental Safety Center was the organization to conduct the environmental audit, but since the Center was also engaged in environmentally friendly activities, the Environmental Audit WG was established as a subordinate organization of the Environmental Safety Center to conduct the environmental audit.
The Environmental Audit WG consisted of teachers from the four fields of education, life sciences, natural sciences, and humanities and social sciences.

< Chairperson of Environmental Audit WG >
2011 Professor Hideaki Shimada (Faculty of Education)
2012 Associate Professor Tetsuya Shirasaki (Faculty of Life Sciences (Pharmacy) )
2013 Professor Kenichi Togawa (Faculty of Law)
2014 Associate Professor Shigeru Morimura (Faculty of Engineering)
2015 Professor Tamami Soda (Faculty of Education)

It has now been taken over by the Facilities and Environment Committee, which conducts environmental audits by experts from outside the university.

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