Safety Management at Kumamoto University

Basic policies for ensuring the safety and health of our university

To ensure the safety and health of our staff, we must conduct safety and health management based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act. To ensure the safety and health of our students, we must conduct safety and health management based on the School Health and Safety Act. Creating a suitable environment where staff members can work and students can learn through such efforts is an important responsibility. This university aims to create comfortable work and study environments that do more than just comply with the minimum standards established by law to prevent accidents. The university also promotes specific and premeditated measures based on “Rules of Staff Safety and Health Management in Kumamoto University” to create a proactive environment for educational research through methods such as clarifying the assignment of responsibilities and promoting voluntary activities.

On Mar. 2, 2006, the Central Safety and Health Committee deliberated and decided on the following matters.

Safety and Health Administrative Structure

Safety and Health Action Plan

Priority items Business plan Environment and Safety Center
Safety management ①Review of the safety and health management system
②Holding Central Safety and Health Committee meetings
③Dissemination of safety and health activity plans and slogans
④Promotion of educational activities related to safety and health
⑤Holding Safety and Health Committee meetings at each workplace
⑥Site inspection and exchange of opinions by the Director in charge of Human Resources and Labor
⑦Workplace inspection and risk assessment by industrial physicians and health managers
⑧Implementation of periodic voluntary inspections of machinery, etc., and sign distribution
Chemical substance management ①Holding Chemical Substances Management Technical Committee meetings
②Identify Chemical Substance Handling Group
③Dissemination of rules on chemical substance management
④Inventory and interview survey by YAKUMO
⑤Conduct chemical risk assessment
⑥Preparation regarding a list of evaluations of the status of management of hazardous and toxic materials
⑦Implementation of working environment measurements
⑧Implementation of work records
Health management ①Implementation of health checkups, etc.
②Implementation of health counseling
③Promotion of mental health measures
④Smoking prohibition enforcement for all premises
⑤Environmental measurement of office rooms based on the Office Hygiene Standards Regulations
Safety and health education ①Holding lectures on occupational safety and health
②Holding a briefing session on handling high-pressure gas cylinders
③Conducting mental health lectures, etc.
④Conducting life-saving training sessions

Note: Items common to safety and health management are included in safety management.

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