Kenichi Togawa
Professor of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Law)
Director of the Environmental Safety Center (concurrent)

The Kumamoto University Environment and Safety Center will make a brand new start with a new structure on July 1, 2017.

Until recently, the Center has been carrying out various activities related to environmental conservation and safety management at Kumamoto University, but from now on, the Central Safety and Health Committee and the Facilities and Environmental Committee will, working closely together, promote research, education, and support of duties related to the pillars of safety management: campus environmental management and chemical substance management.
The two main attractions of this fresh start include:

First, making good use of concurrent instructors. Until now, one full-time faculty member has been conducting center operations almost all by themselves with the support of the Facility Management Section Safety and Sanitation Management Team. But that system has its limits. So, from now on, university teachers who are deeply conscious of multiple environmental problems and safety management, including myself, the center director, will serve concurrently as faculty staff and will add their support to the development of Kumamoto University's environmental and safety research and education activities. Although we may not achieve immediate results, improving literacy of future university students concerning the environment and safety is an essential task. I am hoping to create a better research and educational environment with the help of concurrent faculty members.

The second is the establishment of an Environmental Support Measures and Safety Support Office. In order to improve the efficiency of administrative department support of the center's work, we've come up with a new system that will strengthen cooperation with faculty members, and will allow us to provide detailed services along with clerical staff and technical staff.

In addition to being a joint education and research institution within the university, the Center will continue to devote more efforts to support Kumamoto University environmental and safety management. First, take a look at our new website and be sure to understand the Center's activities and give us your frank opinion.

Thanks for your continued support of the Environmental Safety Center.

July 1, 2017.
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