Organizational Chart & Duties

Organizational Chart


Duties(July 1, 2017)

Safety Department
  1. (1) Activities related to safety management education for students
  2. (2) Educational support related to chemical substance management
  3. (3) Improvement of safety management and chemical substance management efficiency and research related to risk assessment
  4. (4) Activities related to integrated management of the Safety Support Office
  5. (5) Other work related to educational research, support and awareness related to safety management and chemical substance management
Safety Support Office
  1. (1) Operations related to management of chemical substance management support system
  2. (2) Support for chemical substance registration
  3. (3) Management concerning management of poisonous and deleterious substances
  4. (4) Activities related to implementation of risk assessment
  5. (5) Support for collection of laboratory waste fluid
  6. (6) Support for collection of medicine waste
  7. (7) Support for collection of used fluorescent tubes, batteries, mercury meters, mercury sludge, and other harmful sludge
  8. (8) Activities related to supporting experimental waste collection
  9. (9) Activities related to supporting work environment measure implementation
  10. (10) Activities related to supporting measuring wastewater quality
  11. (11) Other work related to the Safety Department
Environmental Division
  1. (1) Education for students related to environmental management
  2. (2) Education related to waste management
  3. (3) Research related to promotion of reuse and recycling
  4. (4) Activities related to editing environmental reports on environmental management
  5. (5) Activities related to integrated management of the Environmental Support Office
  6. (6) Support, awareness, and other activities related to environmental management and waste management education and research
Environmental Support Office
  1. (1) Activities related to support for editing environmental reports
  2. (2) Other activities related to the Environmental Department
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