Administrative Operations

Purpose / Feature / Plan / Policy


The Environmental Safety Center is a cooporative educational research facility and we have enhanced the management team for operations in order to promote and carry out educational educational research activities of Kumamoto University related to environmental conservation and safety management.


The Environmental Safety Center is comprised of a director and a full-time teaching staff. To support our center, there is an administrative team (Management Unit of the Basic Operations Managament Division). The Director is nominated by a committee of Professors of Kumamoto University, and then he or she is appointed by the President of Kumamoto University. TheDirector’s term is two years and he or she may be reappointed. On the other hand, full-time teacher’s terms are five years and they are able to be reappointed by the committee of administrative evaluation comprised of committee related to the human relations department of the cooporative educational research facility based on performance evaluation.

An Environmental Safety Center Management Committee has been put in place to handle management of operations, and they hold discussions related to Center operations, and candidate nominations for Director, and topics related to the facility and budgets. The Environmental Safety Center Management Committee is comprised of the Director as the chairman of the committee, full-time teachers, each university department, the University of Kumamoto Hospital, Health Care Center, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Faculty of Life and Sciences, the Head of the Student Support office, the person in charge of general affairs or in charge of running the Basic Operations Managament Division.

Plan / Policy

  • The contents of related activities are disclosed on the web or in the annual report.
  • We aim to evaluate the contents of such activities and gather other opinions by questionnaire surveys.
  • To improve efficiency, we obtain a third-party evaluation which is comprised of members not related to Kumamoto University.
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