Implementation of the Chemical Management Support System

In November 2006, Kumamoto University implemented the Chemical management support system “YAKUMO” as a tool for efficiently conducting chemical management. YAKUMO is a system which enables tasks such as management, stocking, and calculation of chemicals to be performed more easily, by registering the names and volumes of chemicals when they are obtained or used. Moreover, Kumamoto University promotes efficient management of chemical substances by migrating this chemical registration information to the management system “BUPPIN-SEIKYU” and by introducing an experimental liquid waste collection system.

Development of the Chemical Management Support System

In June 2015, Kumamoto University finished developing the Chemical Substance Management Support System YAKUMO, which was developed to meet the current needs of the university for more efficient management of chemicals. Kumamoto University determined the functional specifications of the system, while the programing was entrusted to a local company in order to have better communication with the development team and for more flexible and agile handling. The concept of the development was to provide a “chemical management system that was essential to the university’s researchers”. Barcode labels were ingeniously modified so that all laboratory members can see the usage statuses of chemicals and know if they are hazardous or toxicity. Furthermore, YAKUMO also supports the export of simplified safety data sheets regarding the chemicals.

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